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Most known for his time on Hooping Idol Season 5 and for serving as the first drag queen on the Electric Forest Hoop Troupe, Benjamin Berry aims to bring more color, glitter, magic, and rainbows into the world through his flashy style of hoop dance. You can learn more about his history by searching his hashtag "#yearoftheben," an affirmation he used to track his successes in the year 2015. Now, he has returned to his cosmic origins and begun #TheNextBeneration. His personal favorite Kemmitt Hoops product is "anything with indigo sunrise tape on it, but especially UV Violet polypro in 3/4 width, 35" OD."

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Dylan T. Bradley grew up under the Aurora Borealis, in a world of frozen tundra: Alaska. Hoop dance entered his life as a gift from a friend that ignited a passion and changed his life. After leaving Alaska in 2011, Dylan became filled with inspiration to develop his artistry in movement arts and seek out community on the west coast. He began to explore multiple forms of dance; modern, hip-hop, and ballet, and devoted himself to sharing expression through movement art. Since then, Dylan has had the opportunity to share the stage with musical artists and performers around the globe and continues his path of sharing inspiration.

Instagram - @whatsthedilly
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Hailing from the luscious armpit of America, Megan has been setting things on fire and spinning them around for six years now. Aside from hula hoops, she enjoys painting, sewing, cats, cringe humor, and gangster rap. She is currently training to become a yoga instructor and tries to add yoga and inversions into her hoop practice whenever she can.

Instagram - @_foxylocks
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Dominique better known as Fruithoopgypsy, has been spinning magic for nearly three years. You can find her hooping all over the Jersey Shore at drum circles, Street fairs and festivals. Bringing smiles to people of all ages, she carries enough hoops in tow to inspire everyone to give it a try. Her favorite tricks include multiple hoops that she can also perform balancing on a bosuball and she can spin up to six hoops on body. She is super excited to be a Katie Emitt sponsored Hooper, as it is her first major sponsorship.

Instagram - @fruithoopgypsy
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Jasmine began hoop dancing in October of 2012. Since then, she has obtained her FitnessHoopDance certification and currently she teaches hoop dance privately online via FaceTime and Skype as well as hoop dance classes and private lessons all around the central Texas area. During the summer months she enjoys traveling all over America presenting her hoop single and double hoop workshops.

Jasmine is currently sponsored, and is a sponsored hooper for Hoopernova talent agency. She is absolutely thrilled to be spreading the love of this beautiful flow art through performance and pedagogy.

Facebook: Jasmine Kienne
Instagram: @hotkickboxmama
YouTube: MissJasmineFluteStudio http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKoLt-Psms_GZGgfZBU4ETJOSMBlw1IoU

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