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     If you've never attended a hoop workshop before, you might be wondering, "What's the benefit?" or "Why should I pay for a class when I can learn from YouTube tutorials?" or "What can I even expect?" but there are many benefits to coming to hoop classes besides just learning a few new moves!


what to expect:


     When you come to a hoop workshop, you can generally expect to meet other local area hoopers, a wide span of ages, who are just as excited to learn as you are! Generally, classes are anywhere from one hour to three hours, and will cover a range of material. Usually, workshops are based on a 'theme' (for example, my vertical core hooping workshop focuses on, you guessed it, vertical core hooping!), where classes may cover a variety of moves and may be more based on a skill level (like a beginner class or intermediate class). You will find hoopers of different skill levels, generally, in workshops and classes.


Here is a typical run-down of one of my workshops:


  • 0-15min - Arrival, introduction to what will be covered, warm up (Stretches, free flow, etc.)
  • 15-60min - First half of the workshop is covered, students follow along
  • 60-70min - Break for water, bathroom, stretch, flow, etc.
  • 70-110min - Second half of the workshop is covered
  • 110-120min - Skills recap, group photo, any last questions



benefits of coming to hoop classes:


  • Meeting other local area hoopers (and making new friends!)
  • Learning new skills
  • Learning new (and sometimes easier!) ways to approach tricks you've already mastered, or have been working on
  • Learning new ways to teach others how to do certain moves
  • Networking and connecting with other hoopers
  • Meeting traveling hoop instructors
  • Opportunity to try different sizes and types of hula hoops before you buy
  • Feedback from an in-person instructor that helps quickly correct missteps in a trick





upcoming workshops

Phoenixville PA Beginner Hoop Class -
At A Culture Factory - 333 Morgan St, Phoenixville, PA 19460
Upcoming classes : (only five spots available in each - reserve ASAP!)

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"I felt like I unlocked a whole new way to hoop with the vertical hoop class. I'm newer to the hoop community in general and your class was so much fun. Oh and I loved the personal dj! So awesome." Nikkole, Pittsburgh, PA
"I absolutely loved Katie's workshop. She is an incredibly skilled hooper, but even more so, a very talented teacher. She can watch you do a trick and tell you exactly how to correct it and that is what I always search for in a hoop instructor. I learned so much from her and I believe hoopers of all skill levels can benefit from one of her workshops." Sydney, Richmond, VA
"I have taken 4 of Katie's workshops, she is an absolutely fabulous teacher. She is great at breaking down complicated moves into easily understandable chunks. I also really appreciate how she tailors her classes to the group, providing extra instruction when needed for main concepts, while still giving advanced students extra challenges. I would definitely recommend Katie's classes to people of all skill levels!" Liz, Norfolk, VA
"As an instructor, Katie Emmitt shines. She is patient and observant, which enables her to connect with all students. With her big smile and warm energy, Katie leads groups of all sizes in overcoming new challenges. Katie loves what she does, and does everything with love. This is precisely why I believe everybody can feel comfortable and empowered at a Katie Emmitt workshop." Katja, Raleigh, NC

katie's available workshops


Vertical Core Hooping (2hrs - Intermediate/Advanced)


   Get ready to groove! This class is all about finding your flow in the vertical plane while hooping on-body!

     In class, we will first discuss ways to increase confidence and have fun while hula hooping on the vertical plane (ie. footwork, using breaks to 'reset' your vertical core hooping if it becomes sloppy, transitions, etc.) With those things in mind, we will dive right in to drilling our vertical core hooping - waist, chest, and shoulders. We will work on both currents, how to turn with the hoop, incorporating breaks, and how to sustain core hooping without turning.

     The second half of the class will be focused on fun transitions and exciting, more advanced, moves that can be incorporated into your vertical core flow! Knee breaks, the chest bump, shoulder duck outs, elbow duck ins, and transitions on and off body.

     At a minimum, you should be comfortable waist and chest hooping on the horizontal plane. If you are able to shoulder hoop, even better! We will start with easy drills and work our way up to more advanced material. I suggest bringing a larger hoop (I will have some availble to borrow and for purchase) with you to practice with, since it makes things A LOT easier!



Core Hooping (2hrs - Beginner/Intermediate)


     Having difficulty mastering shoulder hooping? Maybe you can't get your hoop back up from your knees? Or maybe you haven't been able to even get the hoop spinning around your waist yet! Fear not, this class is designed for YOU!
     This two hour core hooping workshop will focus on drilling core hooping on all parts of the body (ankles, knees, hips, waist, chest, shoulders). We will also drill our opposite current and spend time troubleshooting problematic areas.
     For beginner hoopers, we will talk about ways to make on body hooping easier, and ways to troubleshoot problems to keep the hoop up longer. For more intermediate and advanced hoopers, we will discuss tips on static shoulder hooping, utilizing our opposite current, and using less used parts of the body (like hooping on our ankles and shins).
     I recommend a large, heavier hoop for this class (at least larger than 32"). I will have many different sized large hoops available to practice with during class. No prerequistes necessary.

Beginner Hula Hoop Dance (2hrs - Beginner/No Experience)


     This Beginner Hula Hoop Dance workshop is designed to teach new students the basics of hoop dance. Whether you’ve just started picking up a hoop, or you haven’t tried since childhood, this class is for you! Not only is it an incredibly fun way to exercise, it’s also a fantastic stress and anxiety reliever.

     We will be using weighted adult sized hula hoops in class (a variety of sizes will be provided**). During the first half of the class, Katie will guide students through the basics of waist hooping, lifting the hoop up and off your body, and bringing it back to your core. Students will also be encouraged to dance and spin with their hoop to make it that much more fun!

     During the second half of the class, Katie will teach a few off-body hoop moves and show students how to combine them into a hoop-dance flow. She’ll teach a basic isolation, how to spin the hoop in one hand, and how to do a forward weave. There will be time for one-on-one instruction at the end of class if any students have specific questions!


Would you like to have Katie teach a workshop in your area? Feel free to send an e-mail with your inquiry to