*NEW* Hula Hoop Subscription Pack

*NEW* Hula Hoop Subscription Pack

Select the number of deliveries in your subscription. They will be spaced evenly throughout the following year beginning the month after you purchase.

Subscribe to get a new hoop delivered to your door as often as once a month!

This works the same as many other Subscription boxes. You can choose to have a hoop delivered once a month for a year (twelve deliveries), every other month (six deliveries) or every three months (four deliveries). Price includes shipping.

The hula hoops delivered will be a surprise! They will vary in diameter and tubing (some may even be mini hoops,) and will often be comprised of new additions to the shop (new polypro tubing colors, new tapes, new tubing types, etc.). 

If you wish to select a preferred diameter, please leave a note in the comment box of your order, this will be taken into consideration when making your hoops (i.e. – Please nothing over 36”, I prefer 3/4" Polypro, etc).

Hoops will be made and shipped out within the first ten days of every month your subscription covers. The subscription will last one full year, payment is taken up front, and you will not be charged again. The subscription will start the following month (ex. if you order any time in November, the first hoop will ship in the first ten days of December). Shipping is included in the payment cost. Buyer is responsible for keeping their address up-to-date. Address changes can be sent to katiemmitt@gmail.com .

Your order will show as ‘processing’ until the last order of the year long subscription is sent out.

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions! This makes the perfect gift for any hooper or aspiring hooper!

**Please note this is ONLY FOR US ORDERS* If you are international and would like to purchase, please contact me so we can create a custom listing that includes international shipping.**